Adrienne P

For the past 18 years, Adrienne has immersed herself into the Lawrence community she now calls home.  She lives in Lawrence with her husband and two children.  Adrienne loves to be physically active and passionately encourages others to do the same.  She's guided several friends in reaching their fitness goals of running a 5k to a marathon.  Adrienne believes fitness goals are more successfully achieved when it is fun and involves socialization.  Outside of working out her interests are her kids' activities, reading and being social with friends.  Adrienne is a certified Real Ryder indoor cycling instructor and a certified RIP 60 instructor.

Adrienne P instructs the following:
  • Interval Mixx
  • Interval Mixx is sure to keep your body and mind guessing from class to class. This 50-minute class mixes intervals of strength and/or endurance muscle conditioning work efforts with cardio intervals. The class may utilize all equipment and bodyweight. You never know what you will get when you come to class but you'll leave knowing you worked the entire body in a fun, functional format. Hi/Lo impact/intensity options. Modifications given to accommodate every fitness level.

  • Cycle + Sculpt
  • This class fuses cycling + sculpting work with 30 minutes on the RealRyder bikes for a total body workout as you tilt, turn and balance, engaging your core and building upper and lower body strength. Then we will move to the back room to continue your calorie burn while strengthening the core muscles and toning the upper and lower body. This is an all-level class.

  • inTENsity
  • inTENSity is a heart-pumping, muscle-building instructor led session. This 50 minute class combines bursts of cardio with strength training and core conditioning intervals. You will feel all major muscle groups in this fun, fast-paced workout. Exercises will be modified for multiple fitness levels.

  • TRX Mixx!
  • TRX Mixx! This class offers strength and endurance training using your own body weight through our TRX suspension training system.   With the instructor able to modify the exercises as needed to individual ability, all levels of fitness are welcome in this 50 minute class.  Come try it, you won't be disappointed!