Amy C.

Amy began her Yoga journey 15 years ago. She fell in love instantly, though took many breaks through the years. Every time she returned to her Yoga practice it was like coming home. Amy recently deepened her yoga journey through the completion of the YA 200 HR Yoga Teacher certification. Yoga has brought a sense of calm to her life through the deep connection of body, mind and spirit. Yoga has transformed the way she feels physically, mentally and energetically. Amy teaches a Vinyasa flow style Yoga that allows students to build strength, flexibility and balance on and off the mat.

Amy C. instructs the following:
  • Core Yoga Flow
  • Core Yoga Flow is an engaging vinyasa style practice aimed at creating a more stable, balanced body posture. With an emphasis on developing a strong core and enhancing joint mobility, RydeBarre's Core Yoga Flow is a perfect compliment to your regular exercise or training regimen. Using your breath as a guide to movement, this class links one pose to another building strength and stamina while releasing muscle groups that commonly hold stress and imbalance such as the hips, lower back and shoulders. Variations are offered to support the new student while challenges are encouraged for the more skilled. Come activate your mind and release your muscles!