A'Laina B

No matter the day, clipping into the pedals brings a fresh light to the world: sweat on her face, the road under her wheels, the challenge of a climb and the elation of overcoming the impossible. A'Laina is competitive cyclist who's logged thousands of miles, with all ages, beginner to skilled, on the open road. To her, it is more than the bike. Her passion is to bring cycling to life and cause others to fall in love with the ride and go beyond oneself and experience the joy in the suffering. Come along with her as she brings the ride inside. A'Laina is a certified Real Ryder indoor cycling instructor.

A'Laina B instructs the following:
  • Just Ryde
  • Finally, you can train in a way that’s both functional and fun! Join our certified RealRyder cycling instructors as you turn, lean and balance during a 50-minute Ryde. As you move through an expanded range of dynamic, functional movements, you get a comprehensive body workout -- with special emphasis on activating essential core muscles. Monitors mounted on our bikes measure RPM and heart rate to track and maximize your workout. Sound like a great time? It is!  This is an all-level class.