RydeBarre Staff

RydeBarre Staff instructs the following:
  • Just Ryde
  • Finally, you can train in a way that’s both functional and fun! Join our certified RealRyder cycling instructors as you turn, lean and balance during a 50-minute Ryde. As you move through an expanded range of dynamic, functional movements, you get a comprehensive body workout -- with special emphasis on activating essential core muscles. Monitors mounted on our bikes measure RPM and heart rate to track and maximize your workout. Sound like a great time? It is!  This is an all-level class.

  • TRX Mixx!
  • TRX Mixx! This class offers strength and endurance training using your own body weight through our TRX suspension training system.   With the instructor able to modify the exercises as needed to individual ability, all levels of fitness are welcome in this 50 minute class.  Come try it, you won't be disappointed! 

  • Sculpt + Cycle
  • Same as our popular Cycle + Sculpt class, in a different order. 

  • Just Barre
  • Just Barre is a ballet-inspired sculpting class that combines the best of Pilates with elements of dance, yoga and cardio sculpting. This class incorporates mat work and small accessories — including hand weights, playground balls and resistance bands — to challenge clients at all fitness levels. This is an all-level class.

  • inTENsity+Express Ryde
  • inTENsity+Express Ryde fuses two popular RydeBarre class formats.  In this 75 minute class, you'll start with strength training and core conditioning intervals with bursts of cardio mixed in for added fun. You'll then hop on our bikes to get in a 25 minute final cardio push.  You will feel all major muscle groups in this fun, fast-paced workout. Exercises will be modified for multiple fitness levels.

  • Cycle + Sculpt
  • This class fuses cycling + sculpting work with 30 minutes on the RealRyder bikes for a total body workout as you tilt, turn and balance, engaging your core and building upper and lower body strength. Then we will move to the back room to continue your calorie burn while strengthening the core muscles and toning the upper and lower body. This is an all-level class.

  • Core Yoga Flow
  • Core Yoga Flow is an engaging vinyasa style practice aimed at creating a more stable, balanced body posture. With an emphasis on developing a strong core and enhancing joint mobility, RydeBarre's Core Yoga Flow is a perfect compliment to your regular exercise or training regimen. Using your breath as a guide to movement, this class links one pose to another building strength and stamina while releasing muscle groups that commonly hold stress and imbalance such as the hips, lower back and shoulders. Variations are offered to support the new student while challenges are encouraged for the more skilled. Come activate your mind and release your muscles!

  • Dynamic Core Flow
  • Dynamic Core Flow is an invigorating style of yoga linking breath and movement for a revitalizing practice. This fast-paced vinyasa flow class focuses on strength, flexibility, and mobility to build a strong body, improve balance and posture while cultivating a focused mind. Leave feeling strong, stretched, and blissed out!